Sunday, April 25, 2010

Talk about boring...

One of my favorite subjects is boring.

(The pony was bored
of me taking pictures of him
the other day. Did you notice the kitten's expression?)

You would think that I would stay away from being bored, like we are all taught as kids.

Or that with all the projects and activities I have going on around here, you'd think boring is that last thing I would think of... or want?

It was almost a dirty word when I was growing up; almost implying a lazy, good for nothing kind of person. Who wanted to be that? If I were bored, I'd change things up pretty quickly.

A Training Tool
Students are often shocked when I suggest that they look for when their horse is bored.

'Boring is a nice problem to have.', I would say to them.


Knowing When to Move On
How do you know when you've reinforced something in your horse and you know they got it? Do you do it 3 times, 4 times, 10 times, 20 times? When is it time to stop?

How do you know when it's time to move to something else, least the horse starts to develop bad habits?

Are you drilling your horse too much?

That is where boring comes in....

It's a great indicator. I look for it all the time in the horse.

Do I Need To Repeat Myself?
You're practicing a new skill, repetitively as repetition is the key to teaching a horse something. When to stop? When the horse just starts to get bored with it. Then you know, either they've had enough and you need to work on it another day or ....
they know the new skill and they're starting to think to do something else cause they're bored.

As I always say.... 'let the horse tell you'.

And you guessed it.... it's a good indicator for yourself too in life!

They are many other uses for noting boring in your horse. Do you use boring?

Boring is good.
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