Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Top 10 Career Success Traits

It's the start of a brand new year. A brand new decade.
What will be your goals? More importantly..... how successful will you be.

How is it that some people succeed - while others are mediocre - while still others fail.

What gives? What is their secret? We all want to succeed.

Alan Kearns from Careerjoy sent a great email on success traits. Here they are!

"The Top 10 Career Success Traits from 2000- 2009

Optimistic- Yet not naive.
Flexible and abatable yet not a pushover.
Good professional boundaries.
Continually learn- both linearly and non-traditionally.
Confident yet not cocky- Not afraid of self-promotion and will promote others.
Value, nurture and are valued by their professional network.
They take smart risks- continually.
Pay attention and are not afraid of the economy.
Have a wide sets of interests in life. Globally and local perspective.
They have a genuine interest in their professional field.
They respect and are respected by their employer.

Bonus- They take their work seriously but not themselves..."

Food for thought.
Have you set your horse success goals yet?

Putting my spin on goal setting.

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