Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Dear Woofer

Warning: For those who have trouble with death and difficulty with extreme emotion, do not read this article.

It is with great pain and grief in my heart to share with everyone the death of my dearest, dearest friend and companion of 16 years.

I am honouring my wonderful dog Woofer who has been with me since he was 9 weeks old.

We went everywhere together! Horse shows, college, shopping, visiting, several moves..... I mean everywhere together. And did everything together.

He was like my child to me. (I have no children. ). For anyone who's been this close to a canine spirit like this will understand the love I'm trying to express here.

The photo below was taken 9 hours before his death. He died on his own Sunday night after watching Heartland. His 2nd love was watching TV. He loved watching the horses on Heartland.

He took sick last Tuesday and was gone by Sunday. It was so sudden.

The vet said he had the body of a 10 yr. old dog. The vet was amazed at Woofer's great shape at 16.

His first love was to do chores. To do 'horsey work' as I call it. He was able to come with me to do chores right up to the day before he died. Amazing.

When I found out that he could not recover from his complete kidney failure, I tried to give him the best last few moments, hours & day before his time here was done. We never have enough time to say goodbye do we?

I will miss him beyond words here could express.

I hope everyone is able to have the love I had from Woofer in their life.

I will love you forever Woofer!



  1. Susan, My heart goes out to you. It's one of the hardest things in life - to lose a beloved companion. Woofer had a wonderful life with you and he will be alive in your heart forever.
    He is not gone...his energy is still with you.
    Your friend, Eleanor

  2. Thank you sincerely El. I am so glad for the friends I have especially during this difficult time.

    I am so glad I have 9 months of memories with him here at this new place. I will hold onto them.