Friday, November 6, 2009

A Dream Finally Comes True

"Small things amuse small minds" some people say.

Does that include small people like me? Small person = small mind?

Fortunately, I don't have a small mind which includes big dreams.

Happily on the other hand, people are told to think big. Dream big. 'Become all you can be'. (And I wish that for everyone!)

Well.... It's a tall order isn't it. And if you're like me.... 'I'm working on it!'

Back to the Ranch
You might have been able to tell by my sparsely written articles that I haven't been able to ride Mocha, my horse subject for this blog, lately. Life gets really busy. Priorities change. I got way too many things 'on my plate' and had to complete other projects before the winter. You know how it goes... (I will definitely resume that soon & I'm excited to tell you why... Please read on.)

Fall has arrived. November is generally the rainy season. Yet snow just touched the ground for the 1st time yesterday and burr.... it's too cold to ride outside.

It's either too cold or it's too wet. I laugh with my students and friends when I say that "I'm not getting too old for this.... I'm getting too smart for this' ;) I don't really like riding in the cold and wet anymore like I used to. 'Been there. Done that'.

For those of you who brave the wet and cold to enjoy their passion of riding outdoors.... good for you! I commend you. In fact, I will be doing that soon when I help to move cattle for Dan&Kathy Graham of Maxwell. It's a blast. And my horse gets to work cattle. And they are such great hosts!

So this time of the year, I usually make the annual 'arena dance' and find an indoor arena to ride and train out of for the winter. Some people park their horses for the winter; ready to take a rest before the next year's warm riding season. And others find indoor riding arenas to keep working their horse or improving their riding skill.

The Dream of An Indoor Riding Arena
Well... It's always been a dream of mine to have an indoor riding arena in my own backyard.

And I'm very excited to announce that plans have been finalized for an indoor riding arena here in my own backyard! I can't wait!

So - finally! - after more than 10 years of planning... dreaming... research... more planning... failed attempts... more dreaming.... I am finally having a dream come true... I'm becoming overwhelmed with emotions just thinking about it! Ooh!

Ground Breaking
The ground breaking ceremony will take place this month. I have to have the cement footings in before freeze up. And the building will take place starting in January. I'm pleased to mention that James Bauman Construction of Kenilworth will be doing the building.
I hope to be riding in it by February. (What a nice birthday present. My birthday is Feb. 6th)

So please raise a glass of your favorite beverage (whatever that might be. tea for me.) and toast to a dream finally coming true for me. I hope all yours do too!

Update: The foundation was done in January 2010. The framing done in February and the roof in March.

Putting my own spin on dreams.
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  1. Good for you Sue. Bet you can't wait to take that first ride in outta the cold.

    We got an indoor arena here at our place....only problem is it is stuck inside an AutoCAD file. I called our builder for a price this year....not exactly giving them things away are they?

    Anyways, want to hear all the details. Sizes, options, footing, etc.

  2. Thanks Al!
    Yes I can't wait to ride inside.

    As a trainer, without an arena it's like being handicapped.

    Will keep you informed.