Thursday, October 8, 2009

100th Article!

The article titled "No Fear Lead Changes - Part 1 - The Secret' marks my 100th article on this website!
Yahoo! I'm so excited!
Please join me in toasting to the success of this website!
I hope people continue to enjoy and benefit from the information on this website!

Putting my own spin on things in writing.
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  1. You done a great job Sue. I check in here all the time looking for the latest post.

    You've been able to convince a hard headed old fella like me that groundwork ain't really a bad thing. Helped me through some hip control issues with one of my mares. A lot of times there's that little extra something in your methods that seem to make things a lot easier.

    Just keep writing cause I'm lookin' forwaard to reading the next 100.

  2. Thanks Al!
    You made my day!