Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Measure of Success

Time goes by.

Life is busy, busy, busy.

I can hardly keep up with all the work to do at my new place. Just built the customer stalls 2 days ago.
Just about to put up my big outdoor riding arena.

I got this photo on the right yesterday from a very happy customer. (Photo courtesy Lisa Hopkins). Haley is doing quite well with her POA pony Bunny.

I started Bunny a few years ago and worked holding cattle at team pennings with her.

It's nice to see horses that I've started go on to be loved and enjoyed!

Doesnt' it make you think of your own successes...... humm..... :)

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  1. I'm pretty sure you probably got yourself quite a few good ones out there making folks happy. But it's always a good feeling to see the ones you started going on, especially with the younger riders.

    You look at em now and remember that skittish colt they used to be. Their footwork now is pinpoint precision but you remember when they took those first few steps with you up on them. All the tension is gone now but you can almost still feel them nervously trying to find their balance.

    Pictures can't show the perspective you have. Watching a kid crawling all over a horse that not all that long ago most folks wouldn't even get in the round pen with. That's what it's all really about.

  2. Thanks Al! Fondly said.

    I remember how this little POA Pony bucked me off 'cause the thistles were pricking her belly when we rode in a field. I can laugh about it now! But GOSH.... she caught me by surprise.
    I will fondly look back on Bunny as the little mare that reinforced the idea to always wear a helmet!
    I didn't have far to land.... but I'm not taking any chances!