Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Simple Mouthpieces in Bits

Today we'll look at some different mouthpieces and how they are used. It's impossible to look at them all so let's look at a common one.

Simple or Jointed Mouthpiece Snaffle
Everyone is familiar with the jointed or simple mouthpiece. (See photo above on left of an egg-butt snaffle). I have an interesting story about the egg-butt snaffle....
Pancakes and Talking Bits

Just today I was with some clients enjoying the Easter holiday by eating pancakes and going on a wagon ride. It was quite an adventure. It was a beautiful day. (Thanks Bob & Jackie :)

Someone on the ride asked me if I were familiar with Myler bits and whether I thought they were good. I like Myler bits. They make all kinds. (Photo on right is a Myler Off-Set D-ring snaffle with sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlays).
I use a similiar off-set D-ring snaffle to start all my horses. I find it works well with my hands. I try to keep the horse in this bit for all of their 2 yr. old training if I can. Or their foundation training.

Back to the story...... This person was not very familiar with the different kind of bits or Myler bits and said that she just preferred to use her egg-butt snaffle. It works so why change?

This lady has shown on the english circuit for many years; was familiar with using an egg-butt snaffle and was quite comfortable using it. She has found a bit she likes and it works well for her.

The Thicker the Mouthpiece, The Milder the Bit

I don't tend to use the common egg-butt snaffle as I find the thickness of the mouthpiece too much for my horses. Too much... So I mean it's too mild ....

I don't find the horse very responsive after a short time using it. I find I have to use my hands too much. I want my horses to eventually respond to little or no pressure from the reins or little to no contact. So I prefer a bit simliar to the Myler shown above.

So the good point is.... to use a bit that works well for you.

More mouthpieces next article.

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