Monday, April 20, 2009

A Ruined Mouth

Larry Trocha just sent a great newsletter about ruined mouths. I think that fits in well with the series of articles I have done on bits so I thought I would include the link here. I think you will find it very helpful.
Here's part of the article: "Have you ever seen a horse with a ruined mouth?
It’s easy to spot.
The horse will GAP his mouth whenever the rider applies the reins.
He might also CHEW or CHOMP on the bit anxiously.
It’s a condition I call “WORRIED MOUTH”.
There are other variations of ruined mouths too.
One is the rock-hard, RIGID JAW or HARD MOUTH.
And the other is what is called a FALSE MOUTH

He goes on to say ....

"Worried Mouth
Worried mouth is a condition usually found in young colts.... The problem is usually caused by PRESSURE being applied to a horse's mouth BEFORE he has become ACCUSTOMED to the
snaffle bit. ....AND ideally, it should be done with just a HALTER BEFORE ITS DONE WITH A BIT."

"Rigid Jaw
No need to do much explaining as to what rigid jaw is....What causes a horse to have a hard, rigid mouth?
There's only ONE cause... the horse is consistently being ridden by a rider who doesn't know how to use his hands.....I know that's brutally blunt but very, very few riders have any idea about how their hands should work."

"False Mouth
If your horse gives to your hands by bringing his chin all the way back to his chest, he has a condition referred to as a "false mouth".
In other words, the horse has learned to EVADE the bit."

Very, very good information.
I encourage you to join Larry's email list for his newsletter.
He can be blunt.... but he's good.

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