Friday, February 20, 2009

Yield Hindquarters - Part 2 - More Groundwork

Continuing on the pre-sidepass/sidepass series of exercises... specifically groundwork... (link to 1st article here)...

Through Groundwork, the horse now knows how to move their hip and ribcage over from pressure on their sides (where the spur will go). Practising this has taught the horse to move over several steps and then eventually over several feet with success.

It's like dancing! You could actually teach your horse to sidestep around in circles a.k.a. turn on the forehand. Yielding the hindqtrs can make all kinds of different shapes. It's fun... really. I teach all my young horses to do this!
Teaching the horse to move several feet sideways is starting to teach the horse to sidepass from the ground. I get all my horses to sidepass over common items you find while handling them day to day.
I love groundwork! This is body control or western performance horse development from the ground!

ok. Now that the horse is starting to understand how to sidepass from the ground, let's do this mounted. That's our eventual goal.... to get the horse to sidepass mounted while walking, jogging, trotting and loping! That's body control or western dressage.

Next article will discuss YIELD HINDQTRS WHILE MOUNTED.

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