Monday, February 2, 2009

Step-by-Step Progression

Step-by-Step Progressive Training Programs
What I really like about step-by-step progressive training programs is that it's SO easy to go back to a previous step if you're having problems.

Everything is broken down into small easy-to-understand steps. For both the horse and the rider and the student.

It makes it so easy to create a win-win situation. The next step or lesson is the next small step in the learning process. It's not 'a lot to absorb at once.'

A trainer can go back a step and review something the horse is familiar and good at before returning to the new lesson.

A rider can go back a step or 2 and review something if they don't think the horse understood what is asked of them.

And the student can easily go back a step or 2 and review a step they feel they have not perfected yet.

It's great.

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