Thursday, February 12, 2009

How Much Pressure Is Appropriate to Train Horses

I was working on my business accounting books today during this snowy winter day while I was listening to The Horse Show With Rick Lamb. It's an internet radio talk show featuring a ton of great shows on horse related topics. I encourage you to check it out especially when you're stuck inside. I just love to keep learning!

Motivation by Body Language via Pressure
Here is the introduction to a Mar 1st, 2008 talk show with
Clinton Anderson titled "Avoiding Extremes in Training":

"You know a lot of people have the misconception that if you are extra nice to a horse that's how to get him to do what you want. Hi everybody, Rick Lamb for The Horse Show. I'm sorry but that just isn't true.

Horses respond to kindness of course, like all animals do.

But if you really want to motivate them and get them to treat you as a leader you have to do more than just be nice to them.

And we learn how to do this by looking at how horses treat each other in herds.... More dominate horses motivate other horses to do what they want them to in a certain way with a certain kind of body language and a certain kind of pressure that they use.

And that's what natural horsemanship is all about.

Learning how to take and adapt that kind of body language. That kind of pressure and the application of it to we humans in our interaction with horses.

The key thing a lot of people make a mistake about is they use too little pressure sometimes and they use too much pressure other times. So knowing how much pressure to use & when to use it & when to remove the pressure.
Those are the keys to training horses.

Nobody is better at explaining all of this than my buddy Clinton Anderson....
He's going to be here in just a minute to talk about avoiding extremes in training. "

Here's the link to the actual radio talk show.
3/1/2008 Hour 2: Clinton Anderson (avoiding extremes in training horses)

Thumbs up for learning!
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