Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Trainer is Like Training Wheels for a Horse

Training Wheels
I was thinking about this the other day as I was giving Trigger, this blogs live example, a tune up.
A Trainer is like training wheels for the horse ....

Beginning of the Training or Learning Something New
When a horse is learning or being trained, the trainer acts like training wheels to assist the horse in learning something new. The trainer directs and teaches or assists the horse with all kinds of cues and training aids etc... to help the horse understand what the horse needs to learn.
It's very trainer intensive. The trainer does most of the work. The student (horse) is learning so not much teamwork comes from the horse. (They are still learning their part of the team).

Middle of the Training or Starting to Understand Something New
When the time comes that the horse starts to understand what it is that the horse needs to learn, the trainer can then back off from directing or heavily assisting the horse. The trainer still has to assist with consistent cues by tries to see if the horse can do it on their own.

End of Training or Horse Understands
So once the horse understands their role, knows the cues & communication, and can perform their part, then the training wheels can come off.
In other words, the trainer can simply ask or cue the horse and the horse will respond.

No more training wheels...

Putting my spin on training philosophy.

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(photo courtesy: Lana English. My champion reining mare, Jackie, going to herd hold at a team penning show.)

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