Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Health - You & Your Horse

33 Hints - Guide for Total Health
I saw this in the local Suntimes paper which gives great hints on improving your overall total health.
You improving your health will certainly reflect on your care for your horse.

(Photo of Mother & Daughter: Ramblin Trash & Spooks Gotta Starlight a.k.a Lady & Cleo)

Here they are:

Focus On Your Health - achieve it and maintain it.
Do Whatever You Enjoy - is it a benefit to all
Get Plenty of Rest - both body & spirit
Allow Yourself to Relax - be peaceful
Drink Water Everyday - get it from nature's supply
Water - not bottled
Get Your Life In Order - decided what is important and what is not.
Put Your Goals In Writing - writing helps to make them real
Prepare a Plan of Action - list what you must do to achieve your goals.
Tune In to Successful People - emulate the successful person you want to be next
Strive For the Right Mentors - share your goals and plan with them
Focus on Planned Achievement - set the bar realistically
Learn to Consider Others - do all the little things that cost nothing except your time
Make a Computer Your Friend - expand your hobbies
Make Success a Journey - enjoy the journey to your goals.
Avoid Comparing With Others - some people or are more & less successful
Continually Build Your Reputation - be reliable, honest & have integrity
Learn Something New Everyday - contentment is part of this
Don't be Afraid to Take Risks - little to loose and much to gain?
Improve Daily - perfect practise makes perfect
Exercise Daily - something you enjoy
Eat Healthfully - organics
Make Your Smile Contagious - smile on someone new everyday
Focus on 'Win-Win' - helps the world to be a better place
Read, Read, Read - expand your horizons
Live in the Moment - have more fun , more often. Enjoy now!
Give to Others - give to others contributes to yourself happiness
Set the Best Example - be the best you can be
Live Life to the Fullest - fill it with joy, giving, bliss and pleasure.
Make a Difference - how will your contribute?
Learn From Other's Mistakes - it's less painful
Be Forgiving to Everyone - only then will you forgive yourself
Settle for Only the Best - be the very best you can
Learn to Meditate - reflect or contemplate. it will help you reach your inner soul.

I hope you find this of benefit.
©KISS Reiners

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