Saturday, February 25, 2023

I Wish I Had Done That Years Ago! Efficiency.

 Have you had one of those times where you had a break through, a time where you found out a great new way to do something in your life, often a small thing and you thought to yourself: "Gee I wish I had done this ages ago!" It made that much of a positive difference to your life. And! It wasn't actually that big of a change when you look back at it. It's just getting into a new habit.

I've been having those little changes a lot lately especially the last year. I've always looked for more efficient ways to doing things throughout my life.  This isn't necessarily about minimalizing but more of efficiency. I'm a big fan of minimalizing myself but this is different. I will explain.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo):

 This of course is a great way of talking about removing clutter and minimizing useless stuff in our lives. There is a famous lady named Marie Kondo who invented a wonderful new way in 2014 of looking at decluttering and a method to do it if you're having trouble. I highly recommend it. There's even a Netflix program on decluttering.

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A More Efficient Kitchen:

     I had this great idea to 'pear down' my kitchen cupboard contents to make it easier to keep it clean and easier to find things. It's the usual cycle where your cleaning out an area when you notice that you're collecting 'stuff' and not using it any more. It also bogs down my time in the kitchen when I'm making meals. Times change and so must our cupboards! :) HaHa.  I'm just not making as many meals as I used too and I want my kitchen to reflect that. A more smooth running express kitchen type of idea. So enough about kitchens - what about horses.

Horses, Hay & Snow Blowers:

   Last summer, I wanted to solve the problem of me having to dig my way through waist-deep snow to get to my hay shed for hay in the winter. Living on a windy hill deposits too much snow between my barn and hay shed. My snow blower can't tackle it and I can't wield those big gas powered snow blowers. They would take me for a ride! :)

And unfortunately, the snow plow neighbour can't get back there. So I was brain storming a way to fix that problem and making hay retrieval easier.

So I ended up making room in my barn for about 60 bales of hay and when the snow level is low, I keep topping up the hay inventory. Great!

Don't you notice the beauty of applying life's lessons in one area of our life - like horses to another and visa versa. It's just a matter of practicing the habit of changing things up to make our life easier.

Putting My Spin on Personal Improvements Filtering Into Our Horse Lives


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